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The park brake

Next problem what I had was the E-brake or park brake. The idea was to use a SJ 413 parking brake. I didn't know or it was possible. On this page a little information and pictures how I made it.

The first problem was that the 413 park brake drum hit the T-case bracket. I do not know or this is because my bracket was twisted around........ So we made the bracket a little beefier. At the top arrow you see a piece of metal welded in to make it beefier. The lowest red arrows points to the modification I made. I drilled an extra hole in the chassis to give the drum more room.

On this picture the T-case without the bracket and the flange.

The 413 parking brake on the samurai T-case. On the right picture the cable is still lose. It does not fitting the samurai handle well. It fitts with some nuts and bolts but not the way it should be. Maybe in the future I will mount a SJ 413 handle.

This part you need also. The samurai drive shaft is not fitting the park brake drum. So I used a part of the 413 drive shaft. I choosed this options because we have 413 parts enough. If you don't have a 413 axle you could also drill other holes in the samurai drive shaft.

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1 oktober 2000